Angela Green

CR# 1998-00248788

Deceased Date: 7/22/1998 at 295 West Ave, Rochester, NY

On July 22, 1998 at around 5:30 in the morning, 27-year old Angela Green was found murdered behind a garage at 225 West Ave. Angela had struggled with drug addiction and was involved in prostitution activity around the time of her death. Investigators believe she may have been murdered behind the garage during the early morning hours of July 22.

From the Family:

I lost her at 8yrs old. Please if you can help me find something out, even something of hers will help me. I’ve been looking for a while but was scared to reach out to talk about anything of hers. I need answers. It hurts to finally see at the age of 32 where she died and took her last breath. Now I’m without both my parents. I lost my father at 30 yrs old; still not sure how it happened. September 26th, 2020. Any info you can give me will help my soul.

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