The Major Crimes Unit:

Arson Task Force: Investigators assigned to the task force consist of police, fire and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They are responsible for investigating arson related crimes.

Homicide: Responsible for investigating all homicides, fatal hit and runs, officer involved shootings, in custody deaths, and other serious investigations as directed.

Sexual Offenders: Responsible for maintaining state mandated compliance requirements and files on sex offenders located within the City of Rochester.

Special Victims: Responsible for investigating intra-familial child physical & sexual abuse and infant fatalities. Personnel work in close conjunction with other law enforcement and social agency partners.

The Investigative Support Services Unit:

Cybercrimes Task Force: Investigators assigned to the federal task force are responsible for investigating cyber related crimes, to include bank fraud and child sex trafficking.

Family and Victim Services: Responsible for providing direct assistance to victims of crimes and intervention with on-going disputes by members of the Family and Crisis Intervention Team.

License Investigations: Responsible for completing investigations related to licenses issued by the City of Rochester, pistol permit investigations, inspection and enforcement activity related to city code, and monitoring firearms in the custody of the department.

Missing Persons: Responsible for investigative coordination with sections on missing person cases. They are also responsible for the oversite of extenuating missing person cases.

Rochester Area Major Crimes Task Force: Investigators assigned to this federal task force investigate bank robbery and violent robbery patterns.

Technicians: Sworn and Civilian personnel responsible for physical and digital evidence gathering and related analysis for the department. They also maintain a photo lab and provide related services.